Monday, October 29, 2007

New poll on the lazarus site about Windows versions

Lately I have been trying to fix recompiling the Lazarus (needed to install components) from the IDE. On windows 2000 and higher, using .rc files is working OK if windres is not on the path, but on windows 98 there are still some problems.

Marc has done a large graphic rewrite in Lazarus 0.9.23 and he also noticed that there are noticeable difference between Windows 98 and Windows XP.

I wondered if there still many people using Windows 98 and Windows ME for Lazarus development or as target for LCL application. Therefore I created a new poll on the Lazarus website, asking people about the oldest Windows version is, that they use for Lazarus development.

Currently when we program on the win32 interface we try to use only functions available in windows 95, or provide a fall back if we want to use a function not available on windows 95. Some features like graphics, Unicode support, the shell provided by cmd32.exe and the availability of console (used for the debugger) are better and easier in Windows 2000 and later. So it would be nice if we could restrict ourselves to these newer Windows versions.

Personally, I don't think we can drop support for windows 98 yet, but I doubt anybody is using Windows 95 to program with Lazarus. Let us know where you stand and cast your votes in the poll. This poll is about the OS you use for Lazarus, a future poll may be held about the Windows versions you want your developed applications to run on.

Note: people who don't use Lazarus on Windows, don't need to vote.


Giorgio Tani said...

Hi, some users of PeaZip had reported being still using Win98 (probably SE).
I cannot quantify how many, but it would be nice, obviously, to keep the support for Win32 as uniform as possible.
However I'm aware that improvements in some critical areas, like Unicode support, may be more important now and should probably ok if they comes before on NT* family and then, with a lower priority, on 9x family.

BTW, I also receive many feedback of people interested in Dephi/ObjectPascal from eastern-Europe and Russia (and some form far east): IMHO full Unicode support and ease of internationalization will boost diffusion of Lazarus in those countries.

Unknown said...

Dont think that something can boost diffusion of Lazarus in Russia :) Only heavy punishment for piracy.

ritondenice said...
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ritondenice said...

I use Linux debian, and I still use Windows 98 SE because:
- I still need some Win applications.
- I don't want to upgrade to XP or Wista.

Il you close the door to win 98 users, I will be obliged to buy a neweer version.

Do yo really want to sell me Vista? ;)

Vincent Snijders said...

You don't have to use Vista. We have a good Linux version of Lazarus.

It even includes a cross compiler to windows, so no need to keep that windows computer for Lazarus.