Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lazarus cross platform and cross widget set example

Today I read a news item on the Lazarus site about a SI_Browser, a simple DICOM viewer. I didn't know what DICOM was, but google led me to the wikipedia article about it.

At the bottom of the site, I found a familiar link about the MRIcron DICOM viewer. I knew MRIcron is built using Lazarus; Chris Rorden, the developer, has made and paid several successful bounties to support MRIcron and Lazarus.

The actual reason I write this post, is the installation page of MRIcron. MRIcron is a Lazarus application that really shows the strength of Lazarus cross platfrom and widget set support. Chris offers MRIcron in 8 differenent flavours:
  • Windows (WinAPI widgetset)
  • Linux
    • 32-bit (QT widgetset)
    • 32-bit (GTK1 widgetset)
    • 32-bit (GTK2 widgetset)
    • 64-bit (GTK1 widgetset)
    • 64-bit (GTK2 widgetset)
  • Macintosh OSX
    • OSX 10.4 or later (Universal binary, Carbon widgetset)
    • OSX 10.3 or earlier (PowerPC, GTK1 widgetset)

Chris, thanks for showing the power of Lazarus.


Average Joe said...

I am currently porting my Delphi application to Lazarus completely and to put it mildly I am having terrible time. My main problem is integrating HASP HL security tool with the application. Hasp HL uses object files like dll to hide functions and procedures. However, Lazarus doesn't seem to recognize the obj file's syntax. I even try to write wrapper class, but that doesn't work either. I am not sure if I wrote the wrapper class right.
What am I doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated.

Unknown said...

I am very sorry to post a comment that is nothing to do with this blog entry, but I can't think of what else to do ... I have attempted to sign up on the Lazarus site (www.lazarus.freepascal.org) and I do not receive an email with the password for my new account. If at all possible, could you help me? Many thanks! Andy

Jack said...
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Pavi said...

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Unknown said...

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