Friday, February 17, 2012

Pascal does a strong showing in the Linux Questions Members Choice

Of course that internet quiz is not something scientific but it is nevertheless good news. Both Pascal and Lazarus made a strong showing in the Linux Questions Annual Members Choice Awards, competing with software sponsored by huge corporations. Other software written in Lazarus also appeared in the show, such as Double Commander and LazPaint.

Let's start with Lazarus itself running against other IDEs:

And how Pascal / Object Pascal as a language fared well too (despite someone mistakenly having added it as "Free Pascal"). It is pretty hard to see because of so many multiple lines, so I added a bigger line connector, but anyone can check in the full description of the results here:

See also how Double Commander fared:

And LazPaint:

If there was a category for Accessibility probably the Virtual Magnifying Glass would appear =)

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho


mica said...

Dont forget Hedgewars in category Games.Its Freepascal too ;)

The Fox II said...

Lazarus is one step away from becoming a great IDE.
Lazarus has some components that need to grow up quickly, and they are:
DataBasel Control (Firebird, MySQL, etc.)
Finally, Lazarus IDE should achieve a good stability.
with all this, it will be at par with Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.. Or even higher.

Joel said...

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