Friday, August 31, 2007


Not long (about 2-3 months) ago my attention was drawn to the lazarus Qt widgetset (child of Den - author of the bindings and Felipe - author of the lazarus widgetset). It is easy for me to develop the Qt widgetset, since I can run the Qt enviroment on my main platform - windows xp. Another developer - Zeljan (with qt on linux) worked hard on qt widgetset at that moment. My goal was to achieve a working Qt ide. Zeljan had another goal (as I know). He had a real application and tested the qt widgetset on that.

Step by step and day by day we fixed bugs and implemented missing features (of course, what else can we do?) :) There were problems with mouse, keyboard, painting, widget sizes and positions and so on (you can look at the changelog for more details). As far as I can see my goal is achieved now. Yes, ide is mostly functional: you can edit units, you can use form designer, you can play with lazarus dialogs (really I don't know what you can't do).

But please dont expect too much - the ide still has bugs. Some of them are known and fixing them is in progress (form designer has no rubber band, some controls have wrong size until parent resize, tool windows have no close button), but some are not known. So we need testers.

We'll have lazarus-qt snapshots soon. Stay tuned.


theo said...

Wow, looks great!

rvr said...

Amazing! The Gtk interface looks very old-fashioned in Linux and Mac.

rvr said...
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