Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some stats

Two weeks ago I setup an ubuntu deb repository for Lazarus releases. I wondered how much they were used and asked the server admin to install webalizer on the server (it's name is Scenergy). In these two weeks, the repository generated 15 GB trafic and the i386 archicture is still favorite.

Scenergy is also one of the Lazarus snapshot servers. So I added the ftp stats too. In August this server served 50 GB of snapshots. The same ftp server has fpc releases too and the fpc 2.0.4 windows installer causes 43% of trafic: 128 GB. Interesting figures ...


Antônio said...

The tendency is what we can imagine: Lazarus is growing to outside Linux world. This can be good, or can be bad.

af0815 said...

We are interested, what is going on in the IDE and load the Snapshots (i am also) and hope it works better.
We are addicted to Snapshoots :-) .

It is nearly a no way back, because the last 'stable' and the actual snapshoot differ more and more (Lazarus & fpc).