Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lazarus 0.9.24 release date

One of the best held secrets in the Lazarus community is the release date of Lazarus 0.9.24. Sometimes people ask when the next Lazarus release will be. The only correct answer is: "When it is finished". And even the Lazarus developers don't know when that is.

Fortunately, we have a criterium for finished. We want our next release as good as the previous one, so things that work in 0.9.22, must work in 0.9.24 too. If soemthing stops working and it is found out by people using the snapshots, we ask create a bug report for it in the Lazarus bug tracker. Such regressions are marked with "LazTarget 0.9.24". On the view issues page, you can filter on those issues. The list of 0.9.24 issues is currently 23 long, most them are already assigned to some developer. The list also contains patches contributed by Lazarus users, we want to include in the next release. Currently the list is too long to give a reliable estimate of the next Lazarus release date.

In the final stages before a release and during the release preparation we use the Detailed todo page on the wiki as a kind of check list.

You might wonder if nothing is happening on the Lazarus front. The truth is, that very much has been done since 0.9.22. Almost 200 bugs have been fixed (see Changelog in the bug tracker) in Lazarus 0.9.23 and more than 1300 svn commits have been made. You can track the svn commits to the Lazarus svn repository though rss or at the Lazarus page at


Unknown said...

You forgot about

Vincent Snijders said...

Thanks. Added.

af0815 said...

Good news,

and with this information, all question about a new release are obsolete. Everbody can look into the Bugtracker. So everbody can count the issues down :-)

And i see some information about the 0.9.26 too :-)

Giorgio Tani said...

That is very good. It seems to me 0.9.24 will be a major step forward!
And I like the idea of this blog too, I think it's an efficient way for publishing most relevant news about Lazarus development.

Antônio said...

You can see this article in portuguese if you want at