Monday, September 17, 2007

Vanishing snapshots

From time to time, the Lazarus snapshots at Scenergy disapear. It is probably happens when two build servers upload a new version at the same time. The update process has roughly the following steps:

  1. Delete the files currently in the temp location
  2. Copy current files from the ftp-directory to a temp location.
  3. Remove old snapshot
  4. Add new snapshot
  5. Rsync the temp location to the ftp-directory
The temp location is the same directory for each upload. Now if one build server is at step 4 and a second build server starts at step 1, the rsync job will finish quickly with no files to copy ...

For normal snapshots this is not a big problem, they will be regenerated within 24 hours. But occasionally I upload a wince cross-installer too and that doesn't get updated automatically yet. So until this issue has been fixed (probably by adding some locking and using different temp locations), I have put the latest wince snapshot at sourceforge, in the Lazarus Testing package.

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